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There's a Lot to Like About Cooper Construction...

We bring a "can do" attitude to every project and excell at providing value dollar for dollar on every board we cut.  

All In, Full-Service Home Construction and New Additions

From frame to finish we can build a new home or make major renovations to your existing structure.

We take great pride in the quality work we do, from minor home repairs to a major remodeling of your kitchen, bath or any room in your house!

Give us a call for a free estimate and in the meantime browse our site and get some ideas on how Your project will look!


New Home Construction & Additions

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Custom Finished Kitchens & Bathrooms that Shine 

Nothing speaks comfort like a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom.  We work with you to choose materials and design aesthetics for your new kitchen or bath and work through all planning and construction stages to ensure your vision is achieved.

We have completed dozens of successful remodels, and our customers are always satisfied.  Cooper Construction is committed to premium craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Your home is your greatest investment.  No reason to put off those much-needed repairs or that addition that will give you the space you need or the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Decks & Outdoor Living with Style

A properly planned and designed patio, deck, gazebo, or other structure can add immense appeal and value to your home.  Begin with our team, who can provide a free consultation.  When selected know that we provide top-tier craftsmanship and thorough follow through.

Using the proper materials and expert planning we continue to construct your ideal vision, working lockstep with the client for approvals and modifications along the way.

Add a perfectly installed deck to your yard and have the gatherings you’ve always dreamed.


Decks & Outdoor Living


Siding & Roofing

Siding & Roofing

Protect your home, preserve and keep out unwanted moisture and animals by re-siding or re-roofing the exterior of your home this year.

Home Theatres & Media Rooms

Build the entertainment and media room of your dreams! All room modifications and equipment installation is done by our experts and seamlessly integrated into your home for maximum enjoyment.


Home Theatres & Media Rooms


Historical Renovations

Careful Historical Renovations 

Extra care has to be taken with historical homes, special permits, materials, and craftsmanship all have to be inline with local regulations. Cooper Construction has been hard at work, remodeling historic homes for over 15 years.  We have the attention to detail, skill, and work ethic, to restore your historic home with care.

From repairing or rebuilding wooden gutters to crown moldings and flooring, or a rehab project all the way down to the studs, our team is equipped to handle the most delicate in historical renovations.

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