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A Career in Construction
with Cooper Construction:

If the idea of creating something tangible that society will rely on for years to come appeals to you, construction delivers. For the past decade even when the economy has been sluggish, the Construction Industry has not slowed down, and we have never been short of work.  


While prices of materials may have increased, it hasn't slowed down the number of work requests we receive, and there will always be a high demand for new homes, larger homes, remodeling, etc.

“Given that the industry currently has a high demand for workers, it also means that workers' wages have increased as well. Estimates say that engineers, skilled construction workers, site managers, and architects earn four times above the cost of living.”

-Tradeline Recruitment

A man with hard hat standing on steps inspecting house roof.jpg
Work as part of a team.

If working with other people appeals to you, construction is all about collaboration and the relationship and bonds that accompany it. Construction projects involve many people working together toward a common goal, and their ability to do so makes or breaks the final result.

Don't ever be bored at work.

Sitting at a desk between the hours of nine and five every day can be tedious. Not so for construction jobs! No two days are the same.

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